Global Fame: In the Croatian Newspapers!

This is an article which recently appeared in the Croatian newspaper Glas Slavonije. If anyone can read Croatian, enjoy (and then tell me what it says)!


2 thoughts on “Global Fame: In the Croatian Newspapers!

  1. Got someone to translate it for you!

    They intend to cycle to India via Osijek

    To him, Croatia is flat and similar to Hungary. Osijek is a pretty town which, unfortunately, has not much to offer to tourists, but it would be nice to have a family here – this is what Brad R, cycling from Dublin to India, says. After more than 5,000 dusty kilometres, a few days ago the road took him to Baja (as spelt in the text) in Hungary. He met 27-year old designer Laura C there. She started her own adventure in her native Dublin on 4th July and got in touch with Brad on the internet. They decided to cycle to India together. In this small Hungarian town, they were joined by 23-year old Peter S, who swapped a 9 to 5 job and his life in Leeds for a two-wheel ride to India a bit more than a month ago. This is precisely the name of his blog ( Thanks to coach surfing, they paid a one-day visit to Osijek, or Josipovac more precisely, where they were hosted by Ante Vekic. The scheme enables the young to travel very cheaply because they can stay for free with the members of this increasingly popular international network. Peter will certainly mention in his blog, among other things, that nights in a comfortable bed are quite rare during an enterprise such as this. Peter can count only four so far; the rest were spent either on sofas or in a tent in the open.

    His fellow traveller, Brad, left his well paid job of a civil engineer in his native Australia 20 months ago and has been travelling since. He travelled most of the world on foot but three months ago he decided to make the difficult, but also entertaining and useful, journey on a bike. “I see it as a challenge, adventure and a good way of getting to know other cultures because I can literally smell the cities I travel through,” Brad says, hoping however that he will spend Christmas with his family in M, Queensland. Peter also has behind him several months of travelling through North America, after which he settled down, albeit only briefly, with a 9 to 5 job and his girlfriend Maya. She could not join him for reasons of finances and her job, but he is due to meet her in Turkey shortly, after which he will continue his journey to his final destination.

    “I did not want the experience of big cities, but of small villages and local households,” smiley Laura explains. She plans to cover around 15,000 kilometres in eight months on her two-wheeler worth 1,000 euros. She will also spend around 10,000 euros during that time.

    Hope your journey is going well!

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